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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Get me some grits...

The backlash against Dr Condoleeza Rice in the last 12 months has been truly frightening. Now that she has been nominated to Secretary of State, the little worms (still licking their election loss wounds) are on the attack.

Here is just some of the leftie trash produced in the last 12 months about Dr Rice:

Aunt Jemima. The term 'Aunt Jemima' refers to a character from 1930s radio who cooked pancakes. Which apparently were very tasty. That's beside the point. Jemima worked on a plantation for her 'master'.

The inference drawn is that Dr Rice is a slave to her white master. And she makes wicked ass pancakes. Nice guy that John Sylvester. You can convey your appreciation of his comments here.

The Sydney Morning Herald offers up this. Dr Rice is portrayed as having slammed the door on former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Her lips are exaggerated and large. Meanwhile, George W Bush is seated at his desk with a sign 'I'm Da President'.

Nice racial stereotyping SMH. Your decline continues. You can't survive on a readership of Margoids alone, ya know.

James Danziger characterises Dr Rice as an ebonics-ridden Saddam wannabe. Showing a lack of conviction in his own opinions, Danziger pulled the cartoon from his website.

That's why lefties are no good in a war. At the first sign of serious opposition, they turn tail and run - moaning and whimpering about how, if we only listened to them, we'd be in an Islamo-fascist gulag by now.

Doonesbury contributes with a cartoon that refers to Dr Rice as 'Brown Sugar'. The original Rolling Stones song referred to white slave owners receiving sexual favours from their black slave. Inference, naturally, is that Dr Rice is providing sexual favours to her master, George W Bush.

On one hand, Dr Rice can derive some comfort that those who oppose her do not do so on the basis of characteristics beyond her control. Namely, colour and gender. They dislike her because she is a neo-conservative hawk.

She can also derive comfort from the fact that the left have nothing but racial stereotypes to throw at her. How desperate must they be at this point in time if that is the best they can come up with?

Naturally, most lefties are silent on the continuing character assassination. Either they are uncomfortable with the behaviour and are trying to disassociate themselves through silence. Or, they quietly believe in the racial stereotypes and believe them to be an accurate reflection of the relationship between Dr Rice and the President.

For me, the latter rings true.

The left are unable to understand the relationship, hence they resort to stereotypical white boss, black subordinate points of reference. That's gotta be it, right? How else would it work?

I have a white male boss. I am a black female. My relationship with my boss is far from a master-slave paradigm. We work as any other two people would work. Our colour and gender have little to no impact on our working styles.

According to the left though, if I agree with him on issues, it's only because I'm his slave. And heck, if I want something, all I have to do is sleep with him, right?

The propositions put forward by the left in the last 12 months smacks of lazy leftism. They can't be bothered trying to assess what is going on, so they fall back on old stereotypes. Luckily for us, no-one is listening to them anymore so their message is largely muted.


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