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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Celebrities say the stupidest darndest things...

In stupid celebrity news....

Mischa Barton on free speech:

It's just that there's no tolerance level there anymore

See Mischa, you are free to say what you like when you like. That does not mean there is no price to be paid for that freedom. If people don't like your message, then they will exercise their right to free speech and say what they want in rebuttal.

I'm going to say something stupid at some point because that's just the way I am.

You just did dear. Now go back to doing what you do best - wearing pretty frocks and dating oil heirs.

Robbie Williams, no doubt still upset over the fact that the only people who buy his albums are Ugly English Slappers, had this to say about George W. Bush:

I'm scared for the world. This guy is obviously an idiot. He can't speak. I'd do a better job than him, and I'm not very bright, I'm not.

I actually think Robbie has a point here. One playing of any of his albums and the mujahadeen would be laying down their arms and begging OUR God for forgiveness. Bush can't seem to get them to surrender but I think Rock DJ might do the trick.

Better still, get Bruce Springsteen in. There ain't enough room for his ego and insurgents. One bar of Streets of Philadelphia and the little rodents will spew forth.

And in non-celebrity, but still funny news, Captain Cynic has some great leftie predictions from before the election:

...If Bush wins I am going to buy a shotgun and indiscriminately go around killing people....

Do your worst mate. Funny thing is, this guy is from Canada so I'm not sure why he is so worried about another country's election results so much that he would commit mass murder.

if bush wins ill move to france i do think it will still be a close election tho... which disturbes me in a way i cannot express with words...

That you are willing to move to France just because you've lost an election is disturbing dude. Do you pack up and leave every time something doesn't go your way? I bet you were a fun guy in high school.

I must admit through, I am interested as to whether he did move? I don't know. Let's ask him.

My conclusion - conservatives are computer illiterate - and they are other things too.

You'd think that, if you were going to make an accusation about literacy, that you would make sure your own English was above reproach. Emphasis in the following is mine.

can't say I like Canada to much

Exhibit 1: I hope this is just lazy editing, otherwise this guy just failed English 101.

Bush has more money. but he just waisted a whole bunch of it

Exhibit 2: How does somebody waist money. I know how to waste it. There is another way?

most people on the internet are against Bush, but the poles tell a different story.

Exhibit 3: Goddamn Poles. Since when did Eastern Europeans suddenly become experts on US Politics.

I'm hungry. I'm going to annoy some Friends of the ABC protesters down Maling Road.


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