Revenge of the Hamster

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Update: RWDB in Utero @ 19 weeks

It's been a while but pregnancy has not been a barrel of laughs. I've had morning sickness up until this week, my already sizeable boobies have grown to MAMMOTH FUNBAG proportions, and RWDB Jnr has commenced a regular routine of stomping, punching and kicking their mama.

Also worrying has been my lack of leftoid rage, manifested through lack of posting here. I become soft. I even listened to a Greenie tell me her tale of environmental woe and disaster (mind you, she doesn't live anywhere near any of the regions she so passionately defends - a Carlton-residing greenie) without grabbing the fork, positioned tantalisingly close, and conducting my own 'clean up'.

Comfortingly, the rage is returning. This week, at a lunch with said Greenie present, I was in no mood to hear more from her. My friends, also concerned at my recent lack of 'bite' nearly cheered when I told Greenie-Hoe-Bag,

'Look hon. Get a bra on, try some deodorant and THEN we'll talk about cleaning up the earth'.

So I'm back and hope to start blogging within the next couple of days. The Jesse Kelly story is really starting to give me the shits. He and his feral family can kiss my law-abiding, tax-paying, crime-avoiding ass if they think they're going to get much sympathy from the community. You reap what you sow.

In the meantime, here is a picture of RWDB Jnr taken earlier this week. You can make out their right eye, smudged nose and chin. Unfortunatley, Jnr wouldn't let us see if he is a he or she is a she. Hands placed firmly over the genitals. Cheeky.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

RWDB in-utero

Ever wondered what a RWDB looks like in-utero. Wonder no longer!

Our little one now resembles a human, complete with 10 fingers and 10 toes. Very big brain with which to do logical thinking and clearly delineated fists for fighting off leftie stupidity.

Suffice to say, mummy and daddy RWDB are very happy with little one's progress. He/she now measures 6 cm, has a heartbeat of 170bpm, and, when last seen during an ultrasound, was kicking the crap out of my uterus.

I have my revenge for such bad behaviour already planned - copious 'naked in the bath' photos that will be liberally disseminated at their 21st birthday party.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

What the left really think?

Michelle Malkin is a journalist of Asian extraction who keeps a fine website.

She wrote a cogent piece on the Armstrong-Williams scandal and, lo and behold, those vile lefties come crawling out of woodwork. Are they attacking her on fact? Are they dismantling her argument? Do they have an alternative viewpoint based on logic and good research?

No, but they apparently know the word 'whore' and they know how to use it. Often. Over and over again. And in a variety of contexts:

You're just a Manilla whore shaking your ass and waiting for the Republican fleet to come in, aren't you? You've even got the lip gloss about right. Maybe if you love sailor long time, he bring you home to big American house? I don't think so. Just like in Manilla, Honey, they'll pass you around 'til they've all shot their load in you, and then they'll try to scrub off the stench so they can sail off in their crisp, white uniforms to the land of W.A.S.P.

It's one thing to dislike someone's writing. To resort to sad name calling suggest unhinged, uneducated minds.

Which many of us knew about the left previously. Stuff like this just confirms it.

And confirms that we were right to win the US and Australian Elections. To think that these racist, vile individuals could have been in charge is truly frightening.

Monday, November 29, 2004


Given my current status, I am taking a short break from blogging. To be honest, until I get past my first trimester, hating lefties is the least of my problems.

I may post occasionally if something REALLY gets me rattled but other than that, keep safe, and keep fighting the insanity of the left.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Spanking one's own bottom

That wonderful institution, the UN, has effectively spanked itself.

Now, when the UN itself comments on its own incompetence, someone tell me why the left are still keen on using them as an international arbitrator?

Friday, November 26, 2004

En Guarde Horatio! They're multiplying!!

Well not quite.

Husband and I had some wonderful news today. We will be adding to the RWDB population in, oh, approximately 8 months.

We are four weeks pregnant!

Very early stages obviously, and we are hoping everything goes to plan but how exciting!

Monday, November 22, 2004

A French Farce, Weiners and some Eastern European nation

You know how lefties moan and whine calmly inform us of our evil? How we conservatives search and destroy, with little to no regard for human life and its betterment?

The Paris Club issue, in relation to Iraq, begs to differ.

The US and Britain voted to reduce the debt by 95%.

Australia has reduced its total debt owing by $1.1billion, not an insignificant amount.

Who have dragged their feet, thereby tying up working capital required to rebuild Iraq?

Why, those paragons of virtue - France, Germany and Russia. They only wanted to reduce the debt owed to them by 50%.

THESE guys are held up by the left as governments of conscience?

And we're supposed to feel guilty?